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Smell the MOON!

Curators of The Qwests

A little bit of our mana goes into each part of your journey.

Wyl the Wizard

Conjures up the finest Scents and Stories known to Man.

Tori the Fairy

Sometimes flutters about but is mostly Dr. Dr!ps' Assistant

Gaby the Tiger

Locks on to her targeted goals and executes Assistant Managerial duties

Sky the Dragon

When she isn't soaring through the atmosphere regulating the o-zone, she's here as a Scent Sorcerer's Apprentice

Kat the Witch

Casts proficiency spells on her subordinates to ensure everything goes smoothly. Logistics Manager.

Matty the Mighty

Uses supernatural strength to haul things around the factory in single trips.


Crafting waxy creations for nearly 10 years, it's my passion to tell stories using smell.
They say the olfactory sense is the first we develop and has a direct link to memory as well as imagination.
I love when people smell my candles & are taken to another World.