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Smell the MOON!

The Moon Candle w/ Hidden Meteorite Tektite Inside

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Have you ever looked up into the night’s sky and thought…

What is it like on the moon?

 It’s cold, dark, and quiet.

…And what does it smell like?

Rock Dust? Powder? Cheese perhaps? 


Curiously, Moon & Space astronauts have described the scent of space as something like, metallic, burnt almond cookies, and even…raspberries.

We began experimenting with these notes a few years ago, with the hopes of creating a smell that impressed but also intrigued the senses.

Something that would instantly inspire us to ponder what is beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

1,000's of moon candle’s later, we finally found it. That unique blend of first hand accounts that just makes you smile and leaves you in wonder.

But, it wasn’t enough.
It needed something more.
An artifact and real proof that something was a indeed out in the great beyond.

Discover: the Meteorite Tektite.

When a blazing hot meteorite makes it way into orbit and blast the earth, a tremendous amount of heat is created, blasting earthly bits into molten glass type material. Some pieces blast back into the atmosphere where they fall back to Earth.

These remnants are known as Tektites.

It was then we knew what are moon candle was missing.

We went to Tuscon, Arizona, to one of the largest Gemstone and Rare rock expos to source these amazing Tektites.

These are from various meteorite impact zones located throughout the World. They vary in size & range in black glass hues.
Some of them have very cool characteristics of having been through space or blasted by a meteorite impact.

 > Limited Supply

Meteorites & tektites are ever increasing in cost and availability. We secured enough to make only 1,000 candles for this project. 
So if you ever pondered the scent of space & want a Meteorite remnant for yourself, make a pledge to support an out of this World project!


Ceramic Candle Plate ADD ON Available!

What people think:

  • ★★★★★

    “A wonderful aroma. Distinct & curious. It also burns for a long time”

    Jeff @feathersflowers
  • ★★★★★

    “Eye-catching, conversation piece.”

    Tori @shiginani
  • ★★★★★

    “The prefect gift for my nerd bf.”

    Kaysi @kitkatkd6
  • Pledge 1

    Moon scented candle - No Tektite


  • Pledge 2

    Moon scented candle w/Meteorite Tektite

  • Pledge 3

    2x Moon Candles w/Meteorite