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Smell the MOON!

Welcome to the smelliest journey you've ever had

  • The Story

    Inspired by the Hero's Journey, each candle is a unique tale of smell.

  • The Scent

    Each layer changes as you burn it pulling you deeper into the atmosphere!

  • The Characters

    Discover a cliche character pin inside + a piece of the story.

Join us for PART II of the Series!

Once upon a time...

The Dragƶn of Stƭnk terrorized your kingdom... carpet bombing the peasants & spreading rumors so foul it made your nose hairs tingle!

.. until one day a great Hero rose up to the path...
to conquer the dragon & save the princess from its' smelly wrath.
the supposed

The hero of this tale sat by a fire
drinking too much coffee when a vision
began to transpire:

A smelly quest awaited the character of bold,
And wonderful treasures of a tale being told.

He grabbed his runeĀ & lucky arrow
And thus began hisĀ adventure
down theĀ road of narrow

- Discover character pin + a piece of the story inside -
Plate & Tongs
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  • Toad-a-Lope
  • Toad-a-Lope
  • Toad-a-Lope
  • Toad-a-Lope
  • Toad-a-Lope
meet the very moody

Every adventure needs a friend,
Someone to get your backĀ 
Thru the thick nĀ thin.

The hero had one who stuckĀ 
thru dangs n dings
It was the crystal loving toad with horns,
And he had awful mood swings.

Though his frogs breath was something you think you might like to miss
Some say it smelled quite good, and he was really a prince just waiting for a kiss.

Discover his MOOD CRYSTALS & a collectible pin inside!
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They sail over...

Late one night, as the crew played dice,

The pirate captain was doing yoga

And he could smell a very strange spice.

It was the stolen tobacco & rum burning up in a blaze,

A giant shark was attacking, destroying everything in its' rage.

Will you get eaten by the shark? Or survive and find the pirates BOOTY?
Burn to reveal your FATE!

Discover the story inside with treasures from the tale!

Plate & Tongs
Burn Card
then through the...

3 left turns and yet still not right,
the Hero and the crew got lost when they couldn't see the light.

And except for a friendly old tree who spoke with pleasant tones,
the creatures of the forest traded their magic for cell phones.

The tree was like Socrates andĀ claimed he never knew anything for certain,
except where the old wizard liked to hang out and burn one.

With that, they took his tale,
and went over the hills following just their sense of smell.

Ā - Discover the Talking Tree pin & a piece of the story inside -

Plate & Tongs
Burn Card
That's when they could smell...

Well it wasn't long before our hero stumbled upon

a smelly lil wizard who burned candles all night long.

He said he made them to get rid of the smell,

but he just got done smoking,

you could totally tell.

He then showed us a map of the land

and gave us a secret scent

that the dragon couldn't stand.

So off they went following the night sky

now feeling just a little bit high.

Discover Weed Wizard Paraphernalia inside!

Plate & Tongs
Burn Card
Enter the lair of...

Our brave Hero came upon the entrance of a cave, the stench was thicker than marmalade and all about the dragons eggs did lay.

He lit the candle on his sword and it shined in her eyes,
and she could then smell the truth about her stinky 'ol lies.

She screamed & squawked but the sounds grew ever distant,
her curse had been lifted, and the people could finally sniff again.

Discover the Dragon + Hero's fate inside!

Discover the Dragon pin + Hero's fate inside!

Plate & Tongs
Burn Card
Well then come to find out she's...
Ascending the great tower like a sundae topped with a cherry,
he could swear the princess smelled like
sugared fruit & a hint of rosemary.
But no princess could be found with hands waving,
and since he couldn't get back down,
it was he that needed saving!

Suddenly she appeared, and the hero had to fix his jaw,
she was getting a running start to jump out
and parachute down using her bra!

Discover her stone heart or the key to it + character pin inside!
Plate & Tongs
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  • Strongly Scented

  • No Bad Stuff

  • Shipping Date: Spring

  • Burns for 40+ Hours

Can you defeat the dragon of stink?
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    “My son chose the Dragon, and sadly, was eaten.”

  • ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…

    “Super cute loved it.”

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    “Mr. Wizard approves lol thank you guys!”


So the story goes...

Tell your version of the story by posting your finds and tagging us


Meet the cliche characters
(2nd edition)

  • Bonus Quest
The secret

Upon his return to the kingdom, a mystery Began to unravel

The king & his treasure had gone missing and under the city he had to travel.

The catacombs smelled musky & old

But this is where the village witch

Told him where his story would unfold

What will he discover when he descends?

Burn to reveal & tell us how this

Smelly journey endsā€¦

Journey thru all 7 scented quest and get the BONUS QUEST candle!

Upon returning to the castle, the king's treasure has vanished!
Rumor has it the goblin greg stole it and went into the catacombs under the city to hideĀ it!
Journey thru the massive castle with scents of old stone, library books, and a hint of lurking danger.

  • This set includes all 7 journey candles + the bonus king mission candle!
x7 Quest Candles + Bonus Candle
Plate & Tongs
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