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Smell the MOON!

Bonus Quest

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Upon his return to the kingdom, a mystery Began to unravel

The king & his treasure had gone missing and under the city he had to travel.

The catacombs smelled musky & old

But this is where the village witch

Told him where his story would unfold

What will he discover when he descends?

Burn to reveal & tell us how this

Smelly journey ends…

Journey thru all 7 scented quest and get the BONUS QUEST candle!

Upon returning to the castle, the king's treasure has vanished!
Rumor has it the goblin greg stole it and went into the catacombs under the city to hide it!
Journey thru the massive castle with scents of old stone, library books, and a hint of lurking danger.

  • This set includes all 7 journey candles + the bonus king mission candle!