The Zombie Survival Candle - Volcano Mountain Candles by CandleQwest
Smell the MOON!

  • The Zombie Qwest
  • The Zombie Qwest
  • The Zombie Qwest

The Zombie Qwest

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You & the gang have managed to find yourself on a spooky scented mountain...
and now you must find a way to survive!

Discover your fate inside!

  • 1st Layer: Your Survival Weapon...Could be a shotgun, a brick, or medieval sword.
  • 2nd Layer: Collectible ZOMBIE pin designed by Independent artist!¬†
  • 3rd Layer: The moment of truth; find a skull =¬†your brains are eaten, but find a Game Token and¬†win the game -- ready to smell another!

The perfect candle for scary movie night or a new resident evil campaign.

Burns for 35+ Hours
Includes Tongs + Palm Plate